Polk Audio TSi300 3.1 Tower Speaker System-Black-FREE PSW 110
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TSi 300 One Pair, CS10 One Center Speaker, Psw110 One Powered Subwoofer

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Everyone deserves to hear high quality audio. Not too long ago, we were limited to hissy cassette tapes, scratchy records, blurry VHS and standard definition TV. Today, we are blessed with high quality digital sources such as iPod, BluRay, DVD, HDTV, satellite and HD Radio - and it's only getting better. Unlike the electronics, your speakers won't go out of date, so bring out the most in your entertainment experience with Polk TSi Series. Mix and match to create a perfect system for your needs and budget.

Speaking of the cabinet (no, not the Presidential Cabinet), it's extensively braced from MDF with 3/4" thick baffles. Cheaper speakers will use other material such as particle board which is flimsy, robbing you of good sound. With pewter accents, a piano black top plate and removable black grille, TSi speakers look awesome and take up less than one square foot. All models are available in a choice of black or cherry wood grain, so don't be ashamed to show off your stereo equipment.

Like all Polk speakers, TSi is put through Klippel Optimization and Dynamic Balancing. So what does this mean? It means your speakers will sound awesome no matter what volume. Some speaker brands sound horrible at higher volumes. Not Polk. We make sure your speakers sound great, no matter what volume you play them at.

Compatible with practically all electronics, these are speakers that produce sound that's open, spacious and clear, even when driven by modestly-powered amplifiers and receivers. No matter if you just bought a new digital surround receiver, or are hooking up your new TSi Series speakers to vintage electronics, they will still sound great.

Bringing the best of both worlds- narrow baffle geometry is a design that creates a sleek looking speaker with slick sound. First the high quality cabinet is slender (less than one square foot) and tucks away easily in your room. The smaller-diameter speaker components are lighter in mass, translating to clearer sound.

In combination with narrow baffle geometry- this configuration provides a slender cabinet that sounds awesome. Why use smaller drivers instead of one huge woofer? Many reasons, first smaller drivers are capable of better detail than their larger counter parts. They also project sound over a wider area, so every seat in the house gets great sound. Second, we can minimize the width of the cabinet making it sleeker, giving you more room for a larger screen.

The nuts and bolts behind TSi's clear and crisp sound quality. Forget speakers with harsh horns or hard metal dome tweeters- they'll grab your attention at first but after prolonged listening, your ears will get tired. TSi's soft silk dome tweeters and polycarbonate drivers sound smooth and natural. Your ears will relax and thank you.

We give you five way binding posts on all models. Other speakers make you settle for spring clips which can break. Tower models feature dual sets of terminals, giving you the option to bi-amp or bi-wire the speaker- a design only found on much more expensive speakers. Internal components include Mylar bypass capacitors- providing sparkling highs. At Polk, we don't cut corners; we use high quality components for the best sounding speakers.

All TSi models feature Critically Tuned Flared Ports. Flared Ports minimize port noise ("chuffing") and ensure good low frequency extension with low distortion. With Flared Ports, TSi speakers reveal realistic, natural, full-bodied sound with rich bass.

Floorstanding TSi Tower Speaker models feature bold, fat stabilizer feet. These stylish feet ensure stability on carpet or hard floors so that all of the speaker's energy goes into making sound instead of rocking the speaker. Stabilizer feet help the TSi Series Floorstanding Tower Speakers deliver more precise bass response and superior imaging.

TSi 300 Towers
Driver Complements
2 - 5-1/4" Diameter (13.34cm)
Bi-Laminate Organic Fiber cone
Tweeter 1 - 1" Diameter (2.54cm) Silk Dome Dynamic Balance
Overall Frequency Response 35-25KHz
Lower -3dB Limit 47Hz dB
Upper -3dB Limit 24KHz dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-150 w/channel Efficiency 90 dB
Crossover 2500 Hz, 2nd order
Inputs Dual 5 way binding posts
Cabinet Size 36-3/8" H x 7" W x 11-1/2" D
Speaker Warranty 5 years parts and labor (original purchaser)

CS10 Center Speaker

Driver Complements
2 - 5-1/4" Diameter (13.34cm) Bi-Laminate Organic Fiber cone

Tweeter 1 - 1" Diameter (2.54cm) Silk Dome Dynamic Balance
Overall Frequency Response 53-25KHz
Lower -3dB Limit 63Hz dB
Upper -3dB Limit 24KHz dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-125 w/channel Efficiency 91 dB
Crossover 2500 Hz, 2nd order
Inputs 5 way binding posts
Cabinet Size 6-1/2" H x 20" W x 9-3/4" D
Speaker Warranty 5 years parts and labor (original purchaser)

PSW 110 Powered Subwoofer

PSW Series Subwoofers
TSi Series speakers sound best when used with a quality subwoofer, such as the PSW Series from Polk. PSW125 and PSW110 feature matching wood grain to all TSi speakers. Use the larger and more powerful PSW125 to round out the ".1" of your system. If you don't need quite as much thump, the PSW110 is a little smaller and affordable. For better results, use two of the same model. If the PSW125 or PSW110 is too large for your needs, the PSW111 is the perfect solution. Occupying less than a cubic foot, it fills in the lows without filling your room.

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